History of Bergview College

Bergview College started with a strong vision and mission to be a school that will make a difference in the society.
Bergview College originated from Bergview Primary School. The primary school only catered for learners from gr.1 to gr. 7. The problem was where the learners had to go after completing gr. 7? Mr. B. van Tubbergh was the principal at Bergview Primary at that stage. The owner of Bergview Primary, mr. D. van Zyl did not want to cater for higher grades and he suggested that mr. Van Tubbergh started the high school section. In 2007 Bergview College started with gr. 7 and gr. 8. There were 52 learners, 3 educators and a secretary. There were 2 classrooms, an office and toilets. Every year thereafter the school moved up a grade. As the school grew, new mobile classrooms were built. In 2011 the first gr. 12 learners wrote the NSC examinations and they had a pass rate of 74%. The school at present has 317 learners, 16 educators, a secretary and 4 other general staff members. There are now 14 classrooms, an office block with a principal’s office, secretary’s office, staffroom, kitchen, toilets and a photocopy room.  
The core business of Bergview College is to educate learners not only to be successful in their academic program but also to be successful in their further studies, their careers and most of all to be excellent parents and to make a difference where ever they go.
The school works closely with the Department of Education in the Maluti district. Our educators are involved in the different subject committees in the district. We follow the NCS program.

The school’s main priority for the immediate future is to obtain bigger premises with more classrooms as the school is growing rapidly and we are running out of space on our premises.
We would also like to offer a wider variety of subjects to our learners which will include agriculture subjects. At the moment we don’t have any sports fields and we would like to develop our own sports fields.

Bergview College is proud of what it has achieved in the 6 years of it’s existence and we strive to be a school of excellence as our motto states.


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