Mission Statement

It is the mission of Bergview College:

  1. To never only preach the Word of God but to live a Christ-like life (walk what we talk)
  2. To highlight the reality of life and our purpose in life throughout all the subjects and situations we are confronted with. (reality meets theory)
  3. That we as educators are an example to the learners in the way we prepare our lessons and in the way we teach so that they will become good employees one day.
  4. To train each learner to become a good and responsible mother/father one day.
  5. To prepare the learners for marriage. They must be taught how to be faithful and true to their future life partners.
  6. To teach our learners to respect all authority and become responsible citizens.
  7. To use sporting activities to teach our learners to love and enjoy sport and make them realize the importance of a healthy body and mind.
  8. That we as educators live our dreams at school so that the learners can see how it is done.
  9. To teach learners that learning is a life-long endeavour.
  10. To install a pride in our school, its facilities and its traditions.
  11. To always put the learners first in all we do.
  12. To build good relationships within the school and between the school and our community.
  13. To realize that the whole school community plays a meaningful role in fulfilling our mission.
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