Vision Statement

Bergview College is a traditional co-educational, multicultural and private school which offers broad-based education to all.

It is the vision of Bergview College :

  1. To follow the principals and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ so that we can strive for excellence.
  2. To prepare our learners for life after school and not only for grade 12.
  3. That our learners are prepared to make a positive contribution to our society and that many of our learners will become teachers, preachers and community workers like social workers, nurses and police officers.
  4. That our learners understand the importance of family structures and that they learn to become responsible parents.
  5. That the faithful marriage between a man and woman must be promoted as the prevention of HIV/AIDS.
  6.  That all our learners will become good S.A. citizens that will respect the laws and constitutions of our beautiful country.
  7. To teach our learners the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
  8. To guide each learner to identify what his/her dream is and to help him/her to reach their dream.
  9. To achieve good academic results every year.
  10. To improve our school facilities.
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